Sponsor GhEA Toolkit Project

The GhEAT project welcomes individuals, agencies and organisations willing to contribute their resources to the advancement of the project. There are several activities that are stalled due to funding challenges. With the availability of adequate funds, the project will be able to carry out the following.

1. Update existing GhEA database and other information.
2. Expand the GhEA database to cover other energy resources like
Clean energy eg:Geothermal and biomass.
Fossil eg: Oil and natural gas.
Nuclear energy, etc
3. Develope and integrate new interactive tools and models on the plateform.
4. Enhance the entire plateform to promote user experience and accessibility to data and resources.

Who to contact

  • Energy Commission, Ghana
  • The Energy Center, KNUST
  • Lead Programmer (danielladzagla@gmail.com)